Impression House was instrumental in helping me prepare an application for grant money. In order to apply for a grant to expand my business, I needed to submit my business plan within a short deadline. As I already had an initial business plan from 3 years ago, it just needed to be updated and professionally printed. I felt this would make a good impression on the panel deciding my eligibility.

After many days of research, entering new data and compiling additional information for the attachments, I emailed the whole file to Carey Frantz at Impression House. She had 3 copies printed, collated and perfectly bound in two hours. Before I sent it off by courier, I had a few colleagues look it over and each one wanted a copy for themselves. They were very impressed by the whole layout.

I really appreciate the dedication and expertise at Impression House. Carey and her staff gave my project high priority which allowed me to meet the deadline. Also, in the future, I can use this report to apply for other grants. I also appreciate their help in providing me with a roadmap for the future of Toutant Business Services.

I would highly recommend the Impression House for any printing or publishing projects that have tight deadlines.