We know that starting a business is hard.

A logo for your business is important. It has to be effective at grabbing potential customers attention as well as memorable.

You search the internet for tips and tricks to help but you have no idea what colours you should be using, if you are using the right fonts or what the difference is between an “icon” and a “wordmark”. What is kerning & tracking even? What program should you create your logo in? Will you be able to provide your logo in a variety of formats to create signage, apparel and stationery? Having an expert to guide you and help create a logo that is easily used across all media applications is what you need!

After trying to answer those questions, you then move on to create a business card. You find an online service where there are business card templates, but you’re not happy with the layouts and you find it frustrating trying to customize them. Your card is just not turning out how you imagined and you start to feel uneasy about how professional it will look.

You settle on what you think will work and now it’s time to determine what paper stock you’d like but there is limited selection and it’s all online so you can’t feel the difference between paper thickness, uncoated and coated. You have some questions about different finishes but it will take a few days for a response.

It would be much easier if there were an expert that you could speak to directly, help customize the layout to what you need and provide colour proofs before submitting the order.

The fact is there are a lot of questions that need answering while designing a logo and business card for your business.