Designing a Logo for your business can be an exciting and thrilling process that can quickly end in complacency or hesitancy.

Having someone local that can help is important. You can get quick feedback to help solve your design problems. You can view printed proofs, touch and feel paper samples and colour swatches. More importantly, you can speak directly with a designer on what you need and make updates as your business model changes.

More than just Logo Design. After your new business logo is designed, the journey doesn’t stop there. You need print materials to get your name out there and marketing tools so that customers can get in touch with you. Business cards, flyers, door hangers, brochures, signage like yard signs and vinyl banners are just some of the marketing tools you may need. There are few businesses that do all of the above or can point you in the right direction.

A Print Shop that is connected to the community can help provide all of your marketing materials and ensure that your brand identity is consistent, effective and professional. Keeping the integrity of the logo and colours is an essential part of how your customers see you. Having a print shop that can connect you with other businesses that supply what you need removes the hassle of you researching separate companies, multiple channels of correspondence and knowing the correct files they each require.